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Hi, I'm Keyoka. 

Copywriter | Content Strategist | SEO Specialist | Dog Mom

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My Story

My journey into the world of content strategy and creative writing began with a profound love for literature. Originally from Louisiana, I spent my childhood catching the streetcar and walking down the same avenues of Tennessee Williams and Anne Rice. I lost days immersed in books and hours transfixed in museums, barely satiating my curiosity for history and art.


My adventurous spirit led me to spend a transformative year abroad in Europe with my chihuahua mixes, Bernie and Frank. That experience deepened my appreciation for global narratives and their impact on audiences.

Professionally, I bring over 7 years of expertise in content strategy, my knack for SEO-driven storytelling, and a keen understanding of digital trends. My career has been punctuated by successes in enhancing online visibility and engagement across various industries, from tech and healthcare to education and beyond.


Whether crafting compelling SEO-friendly copy or leading strategic content initiatives, I thrive on connecting with audiences through authentic, resonant narratives that capture the essence of brands. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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